Poetry by Michael Galileo

Do You Know Where You Are?


o you know where you are?
Do you know where you be?
Do you know that youíre in
a Re-al-i-ty?

And just what does this mean,
just what does this say
about how things around you
affect you each day?

Do you know that youíre someplace,
someplace that exists,
and how you move it around
can make it do twists?

Yes, you can change it around
from any way that it is.
As a matter of fact,
you already did.

You did when you arrived here-
when you entered this place.
You created a change
just by having a face.

And a body, and arms,
and legs that can run.
A whole Human body
with which to have fun!

When you popped from your Mom
and breathed your first breath,
you created a change
that will last past your death!

For thatís when youíll leave here,
thatís when youíll go,
but up until then
this is your special show.

For you are donít you see?
We all are, itís true.
Itís a gift, donít you see,
everything around you?

Itís a gift of imaginable
value and size,
but itís a gift you canít see
just by using your eyes.

ĎCause your eyes only show you
what it is you can see.
Youíll need more than that
for the whole thing to be...

what it really, really, REALLY can be.
Itís a world full of wonder,
a world full of glee.
Itís a world full of anything
we make it to be.

And we canít even help it.
It just happens that way.
Little by little,
by little each day.

Each day we make up
the world that weíre in,
and most people donít even
know where to begin.

Some have no idea
of the power they hold.
They have no idea...
they just do what theyíre told.

And not knowing all things
begin in the mind
their thoughts cause confusion
causing them not to find...

the things that they want,
the things that theyíd choose.
So they just walk around
always singing the blues...

about how things donít work out
the way that they ďshouldĒ.
(They donít realize they cause this,
though I wish that they would!)

Because then they would see.
Then they would know,
that we choose the way
that our lifeís going to go.

We choose it each day
from the time we arise.
We choose it each day
when we open our eyes.

You choose it by thinking,
and thatís the surprise.
The thoughts that you think
are whatís real-ized !

Thereís no other way to say it
thatís not partially lies.
Lifeís just how you think,
and then actualize.

ĎCause your mindís in command
of your whole world, you see.
Your mind sets the way
that your whole life will be.

It sets it each second
as it unfolds each day.
And it must know the Truth
if itís to find its True way.

It must know whatís out there.
It must know whatís real,
if your beauty and power
your life will reveal.

The truth is important.
The truth is the way.
The truth is your guidance
in each second each day.

The truth of your circumstance.
The truth of your skill.
The truth of your ability.
The truth of your will.

The truth of your knowledge.
The truth of your love.
The truth of your knowing
that you can rise above.

By knowing these truths
and others you find
youíll affect the program
inside of your Mind.

And then youíll experience
what others do not;
the wisdom to live life
the way we forgot.

With Power and Beauty
and Love all around.
And youíll know where you be...
youíll be totally found.


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