Poetry by Michael Galileo

How Big Is A Second?


o you know how big a second is?
Have you given it any thought?
Did anybody mention it?
Is it something you were taught?

Or have you never considered it
And think the question lame
Np if you don't know the answer
It doesn't mean that you're to blame

This kind of information
Isn't bandied all about
It's not the kind of thing
Most people talk about

But I would like to tell you,
Yes, I would like to say,
that knowing how big a second is
can brighten up your day

'Cause when you see each second
for what it really is
the world turns into magic
and you become a Wiz

You begin command you see
Of the way things will become
As you watch the seconds roll along
One by one by one

Every second has two edges
A beginning and an end
And is squeezed between two others
And strung from end to end

To create a larger piece of time
Like a minute or a day
It's just a line of seconds
Lined up to be that way

And every second's the same size
Well, just about anyway
It doesn't vary much
Year to year, day to day

The seconds that we're talkin' about
Are 18 miles long
'cause that's how fast the earth is going
as it sings it's year long song

A years' the amount of time it takes
for us to circle around the sun
A year is 30 million seconds
coming one by one

And every second like I said
is 18 miles long
That's quite a bit of distance
That goes on and on and on

From the moment that you're born
Until the day it is you leave
Every seconds adding up
And you wear it on your sleeve

(That's an old saying
that means you show your hand
making what it is you're doing
easy to understand)

You see the seconds that come our way
Offer choices that we choose
Choices that add up to life
And the things we win and lose

Every 18 miles
Is like another bit
Of information that adds up
To life and what we make of it

Because every second that we're in
Contains the ones that came before
So all the choices of the Now
Will become even more

That's why it is they say, you know,
You need to understand
that reaping what it is we sow
is where it is we stand

Every moment that we're in
Is chosen not by chance
But how it is we see the world
So take a focused glance

At the choices seconds offer
Each different from the last
If you want try to change things
As the Now becomes the Past

You see that's where the power is
To change the world at will
It's in the second you're in right now
But it's not standing still

It's flying by right through us
So fast it's hard to see
But if you want to make things better
That's where you better be

'Cause possibilities that exist
in the second that you're in
Is where the dreams it is you dream
are able to begin

They're not down the road
Or far away it seems
They're in the moment that you're in
Like beanstalks start as beans

So watch the size of seconds
And the things that they contain
And don't be disappointed,
(even beanstalks need some rain)

And take the rain and take the sun
Each second that they're in
And mix them up to make them work
And let your dream begin

By taking what the second has
that you can really use
And choose the rest to disappear
And you will never lose.


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