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Featured in the Mensa Bulletin


recently read a letter published in the Mensa Bulletin in which the author lamented the oft-evoked correlation of one’s lack of a Ph. D. - or some other such distinguishing academic ranking - with ones inability to be taken seriously by others when it comes to one’s theory’s about the larger questions in life. He then continued on to explain his nutshell opinion about the evolution of this universe, as he believed it to have occurred since the Big Bang, or the beginning of this universe.

Having absolutely nothing to do with his lack of educational credentials (I too lack such designations) I disagreed with his theory, and thought it timely to remove the confusion that has existed on this subject by explaining to those that are interested, just how it is that everything happened, and how this universe really works. Now, before you say bah, humbug (this is the December issue after all) let me say that achieving this understanding has taken my full attention and focus for the better part of 50 years, and that my understandings could not have happened without all of the scientific advances of the past, and the evolved methods of communication which today provide a collective microscope and telescope to observe our existence to the edges of this reality.

That said, this is my observation:

What appears to have happened was that after an initial energy event initiated the onset of our perceivable universe (10-35cm to 10 26 cm approx., now) electrical charge generated by quasars applied current to simple opposing properties of “super string” like elements found at around 10-35 power cm. - the base of all chemical/physical matter. As the current did and does continue, the opposing properties polarized and ionized and began to attract other “super string” type particles electromagnetically. The oscillation of the particle wave increases exponentially in accordance with the mathematic, evolutionary proportion expressed by the Fibonacci Recurrence Series of Whole Numbers discovered by Leonardo of Pisa in the thirteenth century. The series progresses as 0, 1,1,2,3,5,8,13..., ad infinitum, a proportion found throughout nature manifested for example, as the spiral in a snail shell, or leaf patterns on many species of flora. The current from quasars universally and stars locally, affecting electromagnetic particle attraction, causes matter to gather in different areas of the universe and it becomes galaxies, solar systems, planets, people, etc. The ratio of the two opposing values oscillates above, then below the true value of Phi, or 1.618. Also known as the Golden Ratio, it is the architectural blueprint and design proportion that makes up a pentagonal shape, which is the base of all natural matter in the universe, including our cell structure, DNA, and each human form.

The area of the universe that appears to contain no matter contains the repelled or rejected and therefore non-matterous cast off properties of electromagnetic evolution. What doesn’t become matter is non matter- the collective opposing properties of matter, the contrast of which much exist for matter to have definition and therefore to be definable and exist, at least in the mind of sentient beings.

Gravity doesn’t really exist as a singular force, but is actually a result of this electromagnetic force causing particles to continue to attract and repel according to their nature and the laws of physics. The result powers our universe and all evolving “things” within it seamlessly “forward” from beginning to end.

It is this constant evolution from one state to another that causes our “future” to occur. The future is really nothing more than the constant evolution of all the things in the universe. It is the electromagnetic charge which causes this to occur in areas of the universe where matter has gathered and evolved, causing things to appear to move ahead as they change and interact.

In some areas of the universe the collection of particles came together and evolved into the individual atomic and chemical systems of the material elements of our world, including us. Collections of particles formed into what we acknowledge to be considered “life” forms, more highly evolved combinations of matter with advanced systems of detection and intent, based on natural evolution. All matter- including us - is electrically charged and connected to the rest of the material world around us. Our hearts are our electrical power supply, and keep our systems working for what is known as our lifetime. The heart contains chemical nodes, which release their chemicals to cause an electrical current, just like a battery. We are then powered up and cell-ularly connected to the grid.

As we evolved from helium to algae to amphibians to mammals, all of our responses to possibility were natural and instinctive, a result of our evolution from, and still within, the base elements of this universe.

Approx. 2.5 million years ago our hominid ancestors made a radical change to this natural evolution by ingesting a foreign protein for the first time, the result of which was a genetic change to our DNA/RNA systems that altered our existence within this universe. By ”eating of the tree of knowledge” and ingesting new amino acids heretofore not metabolized by our species, our ancestors altered coatings on our DNA (still in tact today in all other animals except man), which genetically altered our ability to connect intuitively with the world around us. It also spurned the onset of cognitive thought by mutating our systems to create a dual hemisphered “human” brain and realize for the first time self awareness, and because of the newly evolved ability to visually perceive depth of field due to the contrast provided by the opposing hemispheres of the brain, to envision abstract possibilities.

Man then developed responses to possibility that had not heretofore existed, and we began to hunt and kill for food. The protein fed our growing brains, which along with increasing complex thought, caused our intelligence to evolve. Once man stepped out of the natural evolving fabric of the universe and endeavored to create a world of his choice, it was at that moment that the electrically evolving “forward” direction of the universe became a concern to man and he began to try to protect and defend himself against natures eventualities. We’ve been at it ever since.

Now, man has the godlike ability to use his thoughts to create reality, which he does either through intent or non-intent; by choice of response to possibility- possibility that is always changing because of the dynamic evolution of all things in this universe from one state to another; from “beginning” to “end.” This evolution is caused by the electrically powered magnetic attraction of the subatomic particles that make up all “things” within this universe.

As long as quasars universally and stars locally (or other evolved entities of the like) continue to provide the juice, material things within this universe will continue to attract and repel; to “live” and “die” as momentary entity’s changing from one state to another; moments will continue to become subsequent moments seamlessly and electrically, and “time” will continue to appear to march on to sentient beings.


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