Poetry by Michael Galileo

The Earth Goes 'Round


he Earth goes 'round and 'round the Sun,
it goes it every day.
It goes in one direction,
it goes it just one way.

It stays its course like clockwork,
it doesn't miss a beat.
It's something you can count on
when you're walking down the street.

It's movin' in a circle,
it moves without a sound.
It's just goin' over and over.
It's just goin' 'round and 'round.

And every day it goes around
it goes 2 million miles!
actually just less than that,
but still it's cause for smiles.

'Cause who would ever know,
who would ever say,
that where we were just yesterday
is now that far away!

And something else that tells us,
something else we know;
that things are changing all the time,
and they're not changing slow.

For when you're flyin' at that speed
and flyin' everyday,
the future's comin' at you,
and it's comin' from one way.

It's comin' from the way we face
as we circle 'round the Sun.
That's the reason there is a future.
that's the only one!

The fact that we're flyin' 'round in space
and spinning 'round the Sun,
gives us a way to track the time
to tell you when you're one.

And from the moment that you entered,
that's from the point that you became,
they count your trips around the Sun
and apply them to your name.

And every trip around the Sun
you add another "year".
It's just a mile measurement,
nothing you should fear.

'Cause every trip around we take
is just another chance,
to try to love each other,
and to help each other dance.

To dance the dance of life you see,
to dance it every way.
To grow and learn and laugh and sing,
loving every day.

And everybody's trip around
is done a different way.
Sometimes friends are close around,
sometimes far away.

No matter how you slice it tho,
no matter what you say,
the Seasons and the Leaves and Trees
don't know no other way.

The Animals and
the Fishes too.
And so should I,
and so should You.

'Cause the Earth is goin' 'round and goin' it so fast,
troubles that were here today
can soon be in the past.

There's no sense in turnin' round.
Don't bother lookin' back.
'Cause at 18 miles each second
they're fading in their track.

And anyway you'll find the best
is really just ahead,
if you leave the past behind you,
and look in front instead.

So ride the Earth around the Sun!
Enjoy your time in Space!
And you can make each trip around
with a smile on you face!


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